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Proposed amendments to Ouseburn Futures Constitution

We are proposing some amendments to the Ouseburn Futures constitution as we progress to establishing a Neighbourhood Forum, and members will be asked to approve at our General Meeting to be held at 6pm on 1st December 2015 at the Toffee Factory.

The proposed amendments

Key changes

In Section 5

Neighbourhood Planning – the changes take into account the representations made by Byker councillors to ensure that Byker residents and businesses, as well as councillors, are fully involved in the development of a Plan. In 5(c) it is proposed that the development of the Neighbourhood Plan will be led by a Steering Committee, with two working groups reporting to them. The working groups will work to a jointly agreed workplan. The make-up of the Steering Committee is specified in 5(d).  Point 4(b)vi has been amended to reflect the proposal to establish a Steering Committee, and point 4(b)ii(a) has been amended to identify places for residents and businesses in Ouseburn and Byker wards in the Co-ordinating Group.

In Section 8

Finances – the Co-ordinating Group proposes that Ouseburn Futures has the facility to open a bank account at any point in the future, so keeping the position as it is at the moment, with Ouseburn Futures’ money being held and managed by the Ouseburn Trust.

Minor amendments

In Section 2

Purposes, Aims, Objectives and Powers – the wording in point (d) has been changed to be explicit about working alongside the Council, elected members, businesses and residents.

In Section 3

Membership – a new point (h) has been added to provide Ouseburn Futures with the right to refuse membership if necessary.

In Section 7

Alteration to the Constitution – point (c) reflects the fact that there is a ward boundary review in process at the moment in the city.

The full documents

The proposed amended constitution can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf file: Proposed amended Ouseburn Futures Constitution November 2015..

The current version of the Ouseburn Futures Constitution is available here.


Have your say on Lower Ouseburn Valley developments

View Larger Map

Carillion-igloo have commissioned a Commonplace map and feedback tool (see above) to enable you to see their latest development proposals and to comment on them.

Screenshot showing the Commonplace page for Lower Steenberg's Yard proposal.

Screenshot showing the Commonplace page for Lower Steenberg’s Yard proposal.

One of the first sites to feature on it is Lower Steenberg’s Yard, following a week of exhibiting the designs for it in Ouseburn at the Toffee Factory, xsite architecture, and Ernest. If you didn’t have a chance to see the design and comment on it when the displays were up, you can now see it and say what you think online.

The Malmo Quay proposals, currently at an earlier stage in the design process, are also available. The designs will be added to the page as they are developed so you can give feedback.

Screenshot of the Commonplace page for proposals for Malmo Quay, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Screenshot of the Commonplace page for Malmo Quay, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Each comment added is shown on the map, so you can read what other people think about the designs. Carillion-igloo will read the comments and feed them back into the development of the designs.

We hope lots of people will take the opportunity to look at the designs, comment on them, share them with everyone they know who is interested in Ouseburn.