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We are concerned with planning issues, design of buildings and structures to be built in the valley, future developments. The central area of the Lower Ouseburn Valley is a Conservation Area, and we are concerned that the special, unique character of the area is not destroyed, and that new developments are high quality and sustainable.

We have been busy since we began in the summer of 2012. One of the first things we did was to hold an open meeting and to put up a display about the NewcastleGateshead Urban Core Area Action Plan, enabling the Ouseburn community to find out more about it and share their views.

Some of the developments proposed in Ouseburn that we have looked at include:

Conserving the Ouseburn Valley: reviewing the Conservation Area Management Plan

The Lower Ouseburn Conservation Area Management Plan (published in 2004), which protects the important architectural and cultural heritage in the Valley, needs to be updated. To help with this, Ouseburn Futures is asking people who love the Valley for their views about which buildings in the Conservation Area and around the edge have architectural and/or historical merit and are therefore important to preserve. We’ve looked at over 100 buildings and made our own assessment of the value of each of them.

Now we would like to hear your views whether you agree or disagree with the group’s assessment, to help us inform the strategy for the Conservation Area.

It’s easy to do, using our survey tool. First, read more about it on the Overview page.

Then you can vote to show whether you agree with our review of the importance of each building, using either the Map View – or the List View.

You can also add comments once you have voted, can save your comments, and can return to add more at a later date – we’ll be leaving this site up for votes and comments for at least 2 months.


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  1. Michael mould

    Stop the ghettoisation by creeping student accommodation.Great swirling deserts encircling the city centre, together with the university buildings themselves creating a no go area for ordinary citizens


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