DIY Street trial 1 feedback

Ouseburn DIY Streets trial at the Ouseburn Festival 

What we did

The proposed improvements were marked out using temporary paint, cones, hay bales and signage on the weekend of the Ouseburn Festival, 5 and 6 July 2014.

The Sustrans gazebo was set up on Lime Street on the Sunday and we chatted to visitors to the Festival about the plans. We encouraged people to fill in feedback forms and asked them to put a sticker against each of the proposals to show whether they did or didn’t like it, on a scale of 1-10. We spoke to around 75 people on the day, and over 90% said they liked the ideas, with the majority scoring a 9 or a 10!

Comments from the feedback forms

01 – Gateway features at Shieldfield Lane, Stepney Bank and Lime Street

  • Info to draw people to the area is good
  • Love it

02 – Stepney Road/Boyd Street junction

  • Good idea
  • More rounded head of Darth Vader. The corner is a bit too pointed
  • Really like this idea
  • Love it

03 – Stepney Road chicane

  • It was good
  • Would prefer road to be widened – white vans don’t care about priorities
  • Great way to slow down traffic for cyclists
  • Love it
  • Like it

04 – Stepney Road/Stepney bank junction

  • Cool
  • Hard for cyclists to give way uphill with bags and kids on the back
  • Fantastic idea
  • Traffic will slow, safer
  • This needs more thought, who has priority? Need to stop cars parking on the pavement
  • Love it
  • Give way downhill! To allow uphill traffic priority

05 – Lime Street/Stepney Bank junction

  • Brilliant
  • Pedestrian crossings? Corner dangerous with children
  • Much, much slower traffic needed before a child gets hit, max 10 mph with flash signs
  • Keep the artistic designs on the raised tables – we need more dragons and horses on the roads!
  • Loved this idea
  • Fantastic
  • Really liked the roads painted. My son really loved it. He said he would love to see all roads like that. Great work
  • All round good visual colour
  • Love them, raised would help. Think they should be some kind of feature
  • Love the pictures
  • High viz colours and signs
  • Visually really like the idea. Not convinced about road safety – combination of paint/features on road will entice children. 20mph is still too high in my mind to be safe. Would only be happy with a 10 mph starting point, followed by raised road level and features

08 – Stepney Road one-way

  • Ok down
  • Extra bike parking, possibly by car park
  • Two way cycles? Will people stick to their side?
  • Brilliant idea for the one-way and wider pavements
  • Brilliant idea to slow traffic
  • Armadillos on Stepney Bank to separate cycle route
  • Contra-flow would be good. Slight concern over speed
  • Cool
  • One way down

General comments:

  • Make it a pedestrian only area, increase parking facilities, make it a colourful and enjoyable place for families, great place for things to do
  • All the ideas are brilliant!
  • Think the colour really fits with Ouseburn. Maybe not quite so bright!
  • Awesome ideas

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