The Woodlands - before the work.

The Woodlands

Running from the Farm fields up to the City Stadium and Shields Rd West this substantial area of mixed woodland was mostly planted around 1977, with self-seeded sycamores filling in what spaces had been left.

It has only been thinned twice in nearly 40 years and vegetation along paths cut back at times recently by Ouseburn Futures volunteers.

We have divided it up into 13 manageable sections and will treat each one differently – starting around the Stables outdoor riding arena. This work will encourage biodiversity and improve community safety. We will be doing some thinning  to encourage healthy tree growth and to allow more light to reach the woodland floor, thereby allowing the generation of a ground cover layer of vegetation.

In some areas we will create an under-storey by the planting of indigenous shrubs and herbaceous species, and through the management of more aggressive species.

Native trees have been planted in the past, and will continue to be incorporated to encourage wildlife into the area. A range of management techniques will be used within the woodlands to create a variety of habitats.  These will include formative pruning, crown lifting, safety pruning, standards with coppice, rides, coppice areas and clear fell/replant (some of these will be done by professional tree surgeons).

We will be recycling and using the wood as much as possible including chipping it and, later in the year, making charcoal.

The initial session is Wednesday 29th October 10 am to 12 noon and/or 1pm to 3pm.

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