Clean Green Ouseburn booking

What we do:

We are improving the bio-diversity and increasing the habitats for wildlife, looking after trees, shrubs and plants; controlling some invasive species of plants – and making the valley safer and more pleasant for people too by cleaning up rubbish, weeding paths and steps.
You don’t need any previous experience in this kind of work, although we do also welcome those who do. It’s not quite the same as gardening at home (what you might consider weeds at home are valuable for wildlife when they’re in the right place!) but we do many of the same things.

What do you need?

We suggest wearing clothes & footwear that can cope with sharp things eg thorns as well as mud and rain. Long sleeves and trousers are advisable. You should wear boots/substantial shoes – steel-capped boots are great.
You might also like to bring insect repellant and sun block to use in summer.

When can you join us?

We have regular sessions on Saturday mornings. You are welcome to join us for just an hour, or for the full morning (10am to about 12.30pm), occasionally or every/most weeks.

If you want to bring a group for a day or half day session during the week, please contact Dale at or by text/phone 0756 416 3638. You can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you book any sessions, please ensure we have a phone number to reach you in case we have to cancel or postpone a session due to bad weather or unavailability of supervisors.


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