Clean Green Ouseburn

Wildflowers including a hardy geranium in Ouseburn Valley.

Wildflowers including a hardy geranium in Ouseburn Valley.

Learn new skills, help the environment, make new friends!

Picking up litter from undergrowth by the path.

Picking up litter from undergrowth by the path.

The Clean Green Ouseburn initiative continues following a  volunteer-led project, organised by our Environment Group and funded by LEAF (Local Environmental Action Fund) that took place between autumn 2014 and spring 2015. We aimed to create more bio-diverse habitats in Ouseburn and to help combat climate change as well as improving Ouseburn’s green spaces.

We provided opportunities to gain new skills in environmental management, get fitter, learn more about Ouseburn’s flora and fauna, and to make new friends during the project. Due to funding we were able to provide volunteers with free lunch as well as tools and equipment.

Please book your place on the next sessions using our online form or email or text/phone Dale 07564 163 638. You’re very welcome to bring a group – please email, text or phone about group bookings.

Which areas?

Overgrown hawthorn hedge, Ouseburn.

Overgrown hawthorn hedge, Ouseburn.

For the autumn 2014 – spring 2015 project, we focused on the central part of the Lower Ouseburn Valley – between the southern end of the City Stadium and Ouseburn Farm – doing different things in different areas. Broadly, the specific areas were:

Farm Fields – the boundaries around the fields used by Ouseburn Farm. Read more…

The Stepneys – the green area alongside the southern end of Stepney Road and the northern side of Stepney Bank, behind the car parking under the arches. Read more…

The Woodlands – the wooded areas between the Farm’s fields and City Stadium and up the hill to Shields Road West. Read more…

The River Ouseburn – mainly from the culvert exit to the wooden bridge near the Cluny. Read more…

What activities?

The Stepneys - creating new access points.

The Stepneys – creating new access points.

Hedge laying, creating footpaths, pruning, felling and coppicing trees, planting shrubs and herbaceous plants, litter picking, creating reed beds (that task was done by another organisation), finding out more about Ouseburn’s flora and fauna, researching and creating two printed environmental trails (one for children and one for everyone else – still to be finished and printed) – and some guerrilla gardening.* We provide training, tools and equipment – and many of the sessions will involve free lunch.

*Our project leader says this involves “emergency squads – swoop in by helicopter – do the job – half hour at most – make a difference – melt into the background – job’s a good ‘un.” Sadly, the budget didn’t actually run to a real helicopter…

When did the project happen?

We started on 24th October 2014 and continued to the end of April 2015 for the funded project.

The maintenance work continues and the current dates are on our booking form.

We still need you!

Book your place

The Woodlands - before the work.

The Woodlands – before the work.

We still need lots of people to join us in learning and doing things to look after Ouseburn’s green spaces and to help its wildlife thrive. You need to be 18 or older but you don’t need to know anything about managing the environment. Gardening experience is useful but we can show you what to do if you’re completely new to it.

For all the outdoor activities, you should wear clothes suitable for outdoor work and the weather (there are thorns and it can be muddy) e.g. waterproofs, boots (preferably with steel to caps). Full length trousers and long sleeves are a good idea, even in warm weather, to protect from thorns, nettles and similar. You might want to bring insect repellant in summer.

If you know lots about flora and fauna, you could volunteer with the environmental trail leaflets. You can also help by letting other people know about what we do.

Contact Dale at or by phone 0756 416 3638 if you want to bring a group (we’ve had lots of groups from big organisations), if you have specific dates or days that you could do in the future, or if you have any questions. You can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


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