Our projects

Ouseburn Futures is not just a talking shop – we do things!

We initiate our own projects and studies, some funded by grants; and also work with others on some initiatives. We also organise some free workshops, usually for arts and creative industry people.

If there is something you think we should do or you want to get involved, please contact us. We’re always open to new ideas.


We have been focusing on encouraging volunteers to join us in the environmental work – and will always have such opportunities – but there are other types of voluntary work we can offer such as:

helping to organise Arts and Creative Industries Group events;

helping to gather people’s views for example during consultations on planning or transport/streets issues;

transcribing surveys;

writing articles for our website.


Students from Northumbria University helping to plant new dogwood shrubs by the Ouseburn.

Students from Northumbria University helping to plant new dogwood shrubs by the Ouseburn.

As well as volunteering (we have been delighted to welcome students who have volunteered on our environment work sessions), we are happy to consider having a few students working on placement with us each spring. Several successful placements have already produced some very useful studies, and we enjoyed working with the undergraduates. We are always willing to consider working and cooperating with post-graduate students and researchers, and have found very interesting the things that we’ve tried out so far.

Apart from the Lower Ouseburn Valley being a fascinating environment to work in, we can offer the opportunity of getting to know some of the experienced professionals who work in the area. Members of Ouseburn Futures come from a variety of backgrounds including art, music, architecture, town planning, engineering, heritage, digital media, housing, social work, gardening, retail, publishing, politics.

Current projects and initiatives

Ouseburn DIY Streets

Cars were tending to slow down when they saw the big green areas with stencilled animals.

Cars were tending to slow down when they saw the big green areas with stencilled animals during the street trial.

We’re working with Sustrans, Ouseburn-based xsite architecture and Roots and Wings, and Newcastle City Council to try to improve some of the streets in the area.

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Clean Green Ouseburn

Lots of volunteers have been working on improving the green areas in the centre of Ouseburn – especially during the project funded by LEAF and Ouseburn Futures from autumn 2014 to spring 2015.

We improved the access to paths and steps, especially in the woodland area, as well as carrying out much-needed work to the hedges and woodland, planting lots of new trees, shrubs and sowing seeds, improving wildlife habitats – and doing our bit to help offset or prepare for the effects of climate change.

The work continues – and we’re always delighted to welcome new volunteers joining us. We can also arrange for group days from workplaces.

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Other projects and initiatives

New Residents Welcome Pack

The Lower Ouseburn Valley has had very few residents during the past 50 years and lots of businesses and organisations have moved in to do things that can involve noise, including lots of music at various times of the day and evening. As sites start to be redeveloped for residential use and student accommodation for the first time this century, we thought it would be a good opportunity to try to anticipate potential issues before they turn into problems. Obviously, not everyone is used to the streets where they live being next to a festival a few times a year.

We did quite a lot of research, and put together an information pack to welcome new residents and make them aware of what happens in the valley. We worked with developers in the valley to produce the final version and to distribute to new and potential residents.

You are welcome to download Welcome to Ouseburn New Residents Pack (Sept 2014) (pdf file, 2Mb).


The workshops we have arranged so far have mostly been for arts and creative people. These have included an introduction to intellectual property, social media training, and fundraising for arts and creative projects.

If you have an idea for a workshop, please contact us and if we can, we’ll make it happen.

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