Ouseburn Futures General Meeting

Find out about our green environment projects, and vote for our new constitution. We will be having a brief Planning & Development Group update at the end of the meeting to which all are also welcome.

Our new constitution

To vote at the meeting, you will simply need to fill in a membership form (which will be available at the meeting), and pledge your support for the aims of the Ouseburn Futures. In broad terms, these are to:

  • Promote and improve the Ouseburn Valley
  • Help to implement plans for regeneration of the Valley
  • Prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the area
  • Involve the community around the Valley in this as much as possible, and
  • Develop community spirit in the Valley between residents, businesses, visitors and neighbouring areas.

This is the first step in seeking approval from the City Council for setting up a Neighbourhood Forum which can have a greater say over planning matters for the area. There will be more information about this at the meeting.

Ouseburn green spaces project

LEAF (Local Environmental Action Fund) logo.

LEAF (Local Environmental Action Fund) logo.

We have funding from the Local Environmental Action Fund (LEAF) for a 10 month programme starting later this month of volunteer led work to create more bio-diverse habitats and combat climate change in Ouseburn. Help us improve how Ouseburn looks and to improve our green spaces! Volunteers will have the chance to learn new skills such as hedge-laying, tree pruning, creating wildlife habitats and making charcoal. The project also includes litter reduction, recycling, and producing environmental trail leaflets so more people can enjoy our Ouseburn green spaces.



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