DIY Streets workshop 2

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We are holding a couple of Ouseburn DIY Streets workshops, following the survey, drop-in session and open meeting in April which identified the streets to focus on: Stepney Road, Stepney Bank and Lime Street.

The workshops will be run by xsite architecture and Sustrans, and will start with a 30 minute walkabout (you can opt out of this and join us at the Farm at 12:30pm) followed by a general discussion – identifying the options, looking at what different things cost, thinking about what we might want to prioritise, and considering whether there is anything we can do ourselves to improve or maintain the areas adjacent to our properties.

The views gathered at these sessions will be worked up into draft designs, and we’ll have follow-up workshops to develop them further, test them out and refine them until we find something that works.

If you are unable to attend this lunchtime session, there is an early evening session earlier in the week, on Monday 19th May.

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