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Conserving Ouseburn Valley

Which is your favourite Ouseburn Valley building? And your least favourite?

Which buildings in the Ouseburn do you think are important to keep because they are vital to the character of the area, and which ones could be demolished, or could be redeveloped in a sympathetic way?

The Lower Ouseburn Conservation Area Management Plan (published in 2004), which protects the important architectural and cultural heritage in the Valley, needs to be updated. To help with this, Ouseburn Futures is asking people who love the Valley for their views about which buildings in the Conservation Area and around the edge have architectural and/or historical merit and are therefore important to preserve. We’ve looked at over 100 buildings and made our own assessment of the value of each of them.

Now we would like to hear your views whether you agree or disagree with the group’s assessment, to help us inform the strategy for the Conservation Area.

Start with Conserving buildings in Ouseburn Valley overview – which includes info on how to use the survey tool.

If you are accessing this website using a mobile device – phones or tablets – you should find this direct link to our consultation on the Placechangers website works better for you:!/2/overview

Please remember to save your responses before leaving the survey pages! Thank you very much for taking time to take part.