DIY Streets – May 2016 update

The technical proposals have been officially signed off!!

Now we just need to review the budget and agree the design details that will add character to the basic highways works. As previously discussed with the Council we’re hoping these will include:

  • Use of two colours of tarmac to define the footpath and the more general public space outside Ernest and the Tanners
  • A bench or two, cycle parking, bins and planters (which we’re hoping to be able to paint), outside Ernest and the Tanners, and at other locations on our focus streets
  • Street trees where possible to green and soften things up
  • Leaf and butterfly patterns painted under the bridge arch on Stepney Road to signpost the entrance to City Stadium and the woodland paths, and to brighten up this dull area
  • Round bollards on the widened pavement at the Stepney Bank/Lime Street corner – we will work with local organisations and artists to design and paint these, and they could be refreshed each year
  • A bridge motif across the surface of the Stepney Bank/Lime Street corner raised table – we can’t use bright colours here like we did at the Festival trial but we’ll work with the available materials to create something distinctive here in the heart of the Valley

The project will then move on to the ACTUAL DELIVERY STAGE!! This could be from June onwards and will be done in stages – Ouseburn Futures will aim to work with the Council to keep you updated about what will be happening when, as obviously there will be some disruption, but we’re hoping that the creation of safer, more attractive streets will make it all worthwhile.