DIY Streets – February 2016 update

The Council started the formal public consultation period for the Ouseburn DIY Streets project on 1 February 2016 – notices are now displayed on lampposts around the area and the plans are available to view at the Civic Centre. The notices state that:

If you wish to object, or make other representations about the proposed Orders or any of their provisions, you should send your objection or representation by 22 February 2016 quoting reference GH/P50/1045 to Newcastle Parking Services, PO BOX 2BL, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE99 2BL, or by email to Any objections or representation MUST be made in writing and where an objection is made, it must state the grounds of the objection.

After the 22 February, the Council will look to resolve any issues raised. If there are significant objections the plans may need to go to a Regulatory Appeals Sub Committee where a view will be taken by the Council on how to proceed – this could take a further 1-2 months.

The project will then move on to the ACTUAL DELIVERY STAGE!! So depending on how the consultation period goes, this could be late March, or more likely April/May 2016.

Alongside the physical works we’ve agreed with the Council some ways to introduce colour and design into the proposals:

  • As trialled at the Ouseburn Festival, we can stencil butterfly and leaf shapes on the footpath under the rail bridge, at the entrance to City Stadium, to brighten this area up. Ouseburn Futures will take responsibility for refreshing or updating these in future years.
  • We will create a silhouette of the bridge arches on the raised table at Lime Street/Stepney Bank corner – we can’t use bright colours here as we did at the street trial, but we’ll use basic materials to create a more interesting surface.
  • There will be some spherical bollards on the widened pavement on the corner of Lime Street/Stepney Bank, which can be painted – we will work with local organisations to design these, and they could be refreshed on an annual basis.
  • We will be including street trees into the proposals where possible, and planters where either venues or Ouseburn Futures are able to take care of them.
  • The public spaces next to the Tanners and Ernest will have a bench or two for general public use, bike parking and planters. Both venues are happy to look after the planters, and may apply for pavement licences to use some of the space for their own activities, whilst maintaining a clear pedestrian route.
  • If there’s enough budget we’re also hoping to hoping to refresh some of the information boards that are around the Valley, where venues have changed or the boards have suffered from graffiti.