DIY Streets September 2015 update

Progress! The Council should soon be starting their official consultation on the DIY Streets proposals that have been developed with input from many of you over the past 18 months, to improve Lime Street, Stepney Bank and Stepney Road.

The first stage will be a Technical Consultation, when emergency services, Ward Councillors, public transport operators and special interest groups, as well direct neighbours of the proposals, will be given 21 days to give their comments on the plans.

The Council will aim to resolve any issues raised, then a Statutory Consultation period will begin, where notices will go up on the streets and in the press and there will be another period of 21 days when the general public can give their feedback.

Again the Council will address any issues, or if there are significant objections the scheme will go to a Council Sub-Committee which will decide how to proceed.

This process can take a bit of time, but should be complete by November/December this year, which would mean that work could start early in 2016.

While all this is going on we will be looking at how we can be creative with street furniture, planting and the footpath and road surfaces to make the streets more appealing – if you’d like to be involved in this please get in touch.

We’ll publish the final version of the proposals here as soon as the Statutory Consultation begins (potentially mid to late October).