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Insect Humans take over Ouseburn Farm

Cap-a-pie Insect workshop image.

Cap-a-pie Insect workshop.

This summer, theatre company Cap-a-Pie is offering free drama workshops to people of all ages at Ouseburn Farm. But these are not just any drama workshops, Cap-a-Pie will be working alongside with Dr Vivek Nityananda to explore the world of…..INSECTS!

Dr Nityananda is an insect expert from Newcastle University who finds out how insects use their senses to understand the world. Through loads of fun and physical activities and exercises the workshops will explore how and why insects behave the way they do, how animals use their senses to interact with each other and the world around them and you’ll even learn how praying mantises can see in 3D!

These workshops are for all the family and you’ll be helping to make a brand new piece of theatre inspired by all things creepy and crawly. The project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England as well as funding from Newcastle University.

The workshops will be held at Ouseburn Farm, Ouseburn Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PA.

There will be lots of activities at Ouseburn Farm over the Summer Holidays including Farmers Club, Nature trails, Arts and Crafts and their own musical show – ‘Talk to the Animals’.

Insect Drama workshops will be held Tuesdays 11am-12pm, Wednesdays 1pm – 2pm and Thursdays 11am – 12pm between 4th August and 3rd September.


DIY Streets July 2015 – please complete our survey!

We’re very pleased to report that the Council are making good progress on the technical designs for the project, and the proposal for Stepney Bank has now been drawn up. We also ran another successful street trial over the Ouseburn Festival weekend, which as any good street trial should, flagged up some issues that we need to consider.

The plans below are therefore likely to change a little, but the next version that you see on here, hopefully by the middle of August, will be the final version that will go through the Council’s statutory process – so if there’s anything you’re unsure about PLEASE LET US KNOW NOW!!

Stepney Bank proposal

Crawhall Road trial 2015

Crawhall Road trial 2015

The proposal for Stepney Bank is to

  • Create a public space outside the Tanners
  • Widen footpaths and improve pavement surfaces
  •  Identify clear parking bays along the length of the street – this will require some give-way sections, which will slow traffic speeds, and make it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and horses to get around safely.

Ouseburn DIY Streets proposals July 2015

Click the image below for a larger version:  DIY Streets proposals July 2015.

Ouseburn DIY Streets proposals July 2015.

Ouseburn DIY Streets proposals July 2015.

Tell us what you think

Please let us know what you think about the proposals by completing our short survey

Ouseburn Festival

Boyd Street trial 2015

Boyd Street trial 2015

We trialled the public space outside the Tanners for the first time this year and it proved massively popular on the Saturday evening for the NARC Fest, as well as for families passing through or stopping to relax on the Sunday. We spread out around Ernest again too, creating a much safer crossing point for pedestrians, and brightening up the tarmac with a unicycle and rapper dancers, amongst other things… The trial highlighted some potential issues for local businesses, and we plan to work with them to find a solution.

Next steps 

Lime St design idea

Lime Street design idea

We now need to agree any final changes with the Council, based on feedback from the Festival trial, comments we receive through the survey and conversations with local residents and businesses. The Council will then start their statutory consultation process, hopefully by mid August. This can take a few months, but while it is going on we can think about doing something distinctly Ouseburn with the road surfaces, and what kind of street furniture we might like to have – there are lots of creative things we could do, please get in touch if you’d like to be involved in this.

If you have any thoughts, comments or would like to get involved please contact Cath at