DIY Streets October update – Stepney Bank one-way trial

The Council have now proposed dates for the Stepney Bank one-way trial – Friday 7th and Saturday 8th November 2014.

This will involve allowing downhill traffic only, but there will still be access to Stepney Road, Coquet Street and the car-park at the bottom of the bank from the Lime Street direction.

By just having one lane of traffic there will be space to show how we could create a more attractive entrance to the Valley outside the Tanners, how the footpaths could be widened to make it easier for people travelling down from public transport connections or nearby homes, and how parking spaces could be better spread out along the street.

Everything should be set up by 8am on Friday 7th, and will be taken down around 5pm on Saturday 8th. Ouseburn Futures, Sustrans and the Council will be around over the two days, probably at both the top and bottom of the bank, so please come and let us know what you think – this is just a trial, and we’re open to suggestions. Please get in touch too if you would like to be involved in helping organise the trial and gathering people’s views.

In terms of the ideas we tried out at the Ouseburn Festival these are still being worked up into detailed designs by the Council, but we hope to be able to report back more on these before the end of November. As a reminder, the plans are to:

  • Create a public space at the north end of Stepney Road, next to Ernest, so that it is safer for pedestrians to cross, and there’s less confusion for vehicles
  • Build a chicane mid-way along Stepney Road, to slow traffic down and give some extra footpath space
  • Improve the junction of Stepney Road and Stepney Bank to make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles
  • Create raised tables on Lime Street by Seven Stories and on the corner with Stepney Bank, to slow traffic down and create a friendlier environment, particularly for families with children visiting local attractions
  • Improve footpath and road surfaces throughout the focus streets

Please contact Cath at if you have any comments or queries.