Monthly Archives: August 2014

DIY Streets designs on display and next steps

Following the street trial over the Ouseburn Festival weekend we’ve been looking at what did and didn’t go well, considering all the comments we’ve received and coming up with some possible improvements.

The original designs and the suggested changes will be on display in Ouseburn Farm from 11th to 31st August, opening times Monday-Sunday 9.30am-4.30pm. There will be feedback forms for you to fill in so please come along and let us know what you think.

We’ll be running another street trial in September on Stepney Bank where the road will be one way – this would give us the opportunity to create some public space at the top of the bank, widen the footpaths joining up to the residential areas and bus stops and possibly give some extra space for loading and short stay parking. We’ll tell you more about this in a future post.

All of this work will then be passed to the Council who will look at the technicalities and costs in order to produce a set of formal designs. We’ll display these in the Farm again when they’re ready, hopefully towards the end of September-early October. If everyone is happy with the plans we’ll be able to crack on with delivery!