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How the Speed-Schmooze went

Speed-Schmooze rosette

Speed-Schmooze rosette

The Ouseburn Futures Arts and Creative Group organised a great Speed-Schmooze on Tuesday 19th March 2013 at The Cluny in Ouseburn.

We sat round a long table and had 2 minutes to chat with the person opposite, telling each other names and what work we do. Every 2 minutes, Charlie Snow (originator of the idea and name of the event) then shook the tambourine and told one side of the table to move along a seat. We then swapped names and work interests for 2 minutes with a different person.

The polite and slightly nervous smiles soon changed to lively and noisy chat and laughter. Sometimes, it was less than 2 minutes because people became so interested that they found it difficult to stop chatting and move.

Charlie reflected on the evening afterwards:

‘I moved to Newcastle a number of years ago, simply as my mother (born here) said to me “It’s the sort of place where if you speak to the person next to you in the bus queue, they talk back, not like everywhere else where you just get a funny look”.

‘I’ve been pondering if this style of event would have worked as well elsewhere, or even in another sector.  I think the turnout, and sheer range of interests the attendees had goes to prove what an exciting community of creative people the Ouseburn has to offer, despite being perhaps the most effected in these tough climes.’

Martin Ellis summed up the outcome of the event:

“The aim of the event was to bring people together, encourage collaboration and have a good time. We achieved our objectives and surpassed our expectations. The feedback has been tremendous and people are looking forward to future events.”

Thanks very much to the organisers of the event – Charlie Snow and Lyndsey-dee Usher (who also designed the posters, made the banner and lots of name rosettes); and Martin Ellis. And thanks to The Cluny for providing a friendly atmosphere in which to hold it.

Look out for another Ouseburn Futures Arts and Creative Group during the summer, and, in the meantime, do talk to us if you have ideas for future events.