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Latest news on Ouseburn Tidy Up 19th Jan 2013

Since the weather is forecast to get worse at the weekend, the clean up and any planting or removal of plants won’t be possible in the icy conditions that we expect for Saturday.

But – if you still fancy coming to have a look round the Ouseburn, we’ll be there in the Farm from 11am, the cafe will be open and there should be grit to sprinkle on the paths. If you do come, do be careful on the ice!

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Early 2013 meetings and events

The New Year fireworks remains had scarcely stopped smouldering before the first Ouseburn Futures meetings of 2013 started.

We held the first Planning and Development Group meeting of the year on 10th January, and are looking forward to a busy year ahead, with lots happening in Ouseburn.

The next meetings are:

Ouseburn River Users Group meeting on Wednesday 16th January 2013.

Ouseburn Visitors and Events Group meeting on Tuesday 22nd January 2013.

Ouseburn Futures Coordinating Group (OFCG) meeting at 5.30pm on Thursday 24th January 2013.

Ouseburn Business Group meeting on 7th February 2013.

Ouseburn Environment Group meeting at 5.30pm on 26th February 2013 at Ouseburn Farm. This meeting is open to anyone interested in the environment of the Lower Ouseburn.

Ouseburn Futures quarterly liaison meeting with Newcastle City Council (involves representatives of the OCFG).

Planning applications

The Malings

'The Malings' site.

‘The Malings’ site.

The Chair of Newcastle City Council’s Planning Committee had to cast the deciding vote on 4th January when councillors were split over the application to build 76 new homes on the East bank of the Ouseburn, a site formerly occupied by the Ice Factory and Heaney Works (site shown in the picture above).

The developers, Carillion Igloo gained approval to build The Malings (name inspired by the Maling Pottery, built there in the early 19th century). The architect for the scheme is Ash Sakula.

Coquet Street student accommodation development

The Planning Committee had approved on 14th December the renewal of the approval for the Coquet Street student accommodation development.

More information:

The Malings plans can be seen on the Newcastle City Council Planning website.

Ouseburn Valley homes are given the go-ahead, The Journal, 7th January 2013.

Coquet Street student accommodation development plans can be seen on the Newcastle City Council Planning website.