Ouseburn is on the eastern side of the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, with the Ouseburn river running through the heart of it and into the Tyne.

Ouseburn Futures, formed in 2012, is a voluntary organisation with special interest groups to focus on the arts and creative people, businesses, environment, planning and development, the river and visitor attractions.

Conserving the Ouseburn Valley

What’s your favourite Ouseburn building? And your least favourite?
Which buildings in the Ouseburn do you think are important to keep because they are vital to the character of the area, and which ones could be demolished, or could be redeveloped in a sympathetic way?

The Lower Ouseburn Conservation Area Management Plan (published in 2004), which protects the important architectural and cultural heritage in the Valley, needs to be updated. To help with this, Ouseburn Futures is asking people who love the Valley for their views.

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New Welcome to Ouseburn Valley pack

We have a revised version of the welcome pack, written to welcome new residents to the Lower Ouseburn Valley but with information about the visitor attractions that everyone unfamiliar with the valley might find useful. You can get a copy of the pdf file from our Documents and downloads page.

Clean Green Ouseburn

View of the River Ouseburn in summer.Help us to improve Ouseburn’s green spaces, learn more about the valley’s flora and fauna, learn new skills, make new friends. During winter to early spring, we usually meet each Saturday at 10am near Ouseburn Farm entrance & work till around 12.30pm (unless it’s pouring with rain or icy or exceptionally windy), and always welcome new volunteers. If you can only manage an hour now and then, that’s fine.

Clean Green Ouseburn is our green spaces initiative that started with a volunteer-led project, organised by our Environment Group, that took place between autumn 2014 and spring 2015, and was funded by LEAF (Local Environmental Action Fund).

We aim to create more bio-diverse habitats in Ouseburn and to help combat climate change as well as improving Ouseburn’s green spaces. The project started on Friday 24th October 2014. Read more…

Ouseburn DIY Streets


We’ve had a great opportunity to improve how people get around Ouseburn, by making streets safer, more attractive and generally more enjoyable to use through the Ouseburn DIY Streets project.

National funding has been available to make physical changes to our streets, and Ouseburn Futures and Sustrans have been working with local residents, businesses and visitors to work out what would make a difference. The Council have prepared detailed designs based on this local input and improvements should be completed early in 2017.



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